Thursday, November 22, 2012


I didn't do the posting of the thankfuls this year.  Of course, I'm thankful for all the obvious reasons...friends, family, faith, food, shelter, work, wine.  I thought it might be more interesting for my readers (all 35 of you) if I were to make a list of all the more superficial things I'm most thankful for.  You know... the things you don't want to proclaim on Facebook for fear of looking shallow.  I have no fear.

1.  My beloved iPhone.
2.  My Kindle Fire.  Since my husband seems to get somewhat jealous of my computer but is completely technology stupid, I can browse the internet on my Fire and he thinks I'm reading. Don't judge.
3.  Coffee along with a dark chocolate peanut butter Vi shake in the morning. 
4.  Skinny jeans.  Two years ago I proclaimed you would never see my ass in skinny jeans.  Now I love love em.  Next best things to leggings.
5.  Tunics and long no one actually sees my ass in skinny jeans and I can still enjoy being comfy and wearing cute boots.
6.  Running clothes.  They are so comfortable and I'm sure people are sick of seeing me wear my running tights on the weekends.  I can never quit running cause the clothes are too comfortable.
7.  Head bands.
8.  Frozen pizza. Lately I feel like I run a damn bread and breakfast with all the company we've had (Please don't stop coming). While I resemble Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart while my house is full, when they all leave, I break out a pizza. 
9. Hair products to control my fro.
10. Cute boots in any form. Kick ass boots distract from bad hair.
11. iPods.  They keep my kids occupied in the car so I don't go bat shit crazy. 
12.  My pistol. It's quite empowering packing even if I never have to actually use it.  No worries, though.  While running I frequently "practice" using it after various cars have zoomed pass.  If they were to look in their rear view, they'd see a crazy white chick practicing her quick draw.  Hey, it's important to be comfortable....and my stance is bad ass.
13.  My LQ trailer. Call me high maintenance (and my husband does) but having my own toilet even at a fricken jackpot is completely worth the $.  AND, since we are completely redneck enough to pull our trailer to the lake, it did serve multiple purposes last year.
14.  Rednecks. There are so many redneck reality shows right now that my kids are entertained with good family fun for hours. Duck Dynasty might be the only show we all watch together.
15.  Fishing.  While I don't fish, Shane and the kids go frequently which equals "ME" time.
16.  Hats.  I maybe fix my hair 10 times a summer.
17.  My Garmin.  Even though I run slow as hell, it's still fun to see the stats and try to beat em next run.
18.  My iPod.  Love when on a run, and I feel like I'm about to die and then that ONE song comes on and I throw my hands in the air and sing out loud pushing through the utter despair.  Yes, I really do that.  Don't judge. 
19. Coffee pot timer. I have not time to spare in the mornings getting my kids out the door in an attempt to be at work on time.
20. Multiple TVs.  While I enjoy hunting, I do NOT want to watch it on TV 24/7 as my husband does.
21. My new (to me) Subaru.  It's saving me enough gas money to pay for my truck.
22.  A big house so all my family can come over today yet still have a place to escape to if needed.

I just realized I may have did this same thing last year.  Awesome, my blog now has an annual tradition. Have an amazing Turkday Day all!!  I plan to end my day by running just 1 mile as Tara has inspired me to join the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak.  That's gonna be fun come New Year's Day I'm sure. 

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